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SILCOTEX Pebble  SC 10
SC 10

About SilcoTex

SILCOTEX is an interior design material which is fabric based. It is a multilayer component material with properties to neutralise sound, fire and humidity.Because of the excellent quality of raw materials used, it gives cost efficiency and requires minimum maintenance.

SILCOTEX material comes in over 100 colours representing the four seasons:- fresh spring, vibrant summer shades, autumn tint and warm firelight glow. It enhances the beauty of your homes, offices, hotels, restaurants.

As the product is made of fibre it has a distinctive textured finish. We pack our material in 1 kg bags which covers 60 sq foot. It is easy to apply, odourless, fire resistant and has many more advantages.

SILCOTEX liquid wall covering is a unique opportunity to create individual, cosy designs of your choice. Any interior design from minimalism and classic to luxury becomes possible.

A variety of positive characteristics combined with the attractive reasonable price means everybody can afford SILCOTEX liquid wall covering.

We have been manufacturing SILCOTEX liquid wall covering for more than 11 years and since that time we have had strong and successful growth of SILCOTEX sales!

Our factory is located in Japan We are modern and unique manufacture of wall finishes.

During past years SILCOTEX liquid wall paper had been constantly improving its composition, textures and colours to make a product that is right for you.