Silcotex was formed in 2010 to promote a revolutionary way of decorating and painting interior walls and ceilings, this new age material has done away with harmful chemicals used in synthetic paints which are not only harmful to human beings, but also to the environment.

Now Silcotex UK has been launched due to high demand in the European market,Silcotex is suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Silcotex materials are made from biodegradable fibres which do not harm us or the environment,Silcotex also helps keep the room warm during winters and cool during summers as it has insulating properties,Silcotex has also been used by a number of companies as a sound proofing measure.

A new revolution in the interior design industry, Silcotex also comes with various different kinds of shades, a few of which you can browse through in the colours available,we have over 100 different shades, and specific colours can be made to order.

Silcotex is more popular in feature wall interior design and a canvas can be supplied in the exact same colour and texture as your feature wall,the canvas can be made with calligraphy or pictures to set the theme of your room,the whole wall can be done with a particular theme in mind e.g. nurseries and children’s wards in hospitals tend to prefer cartoon characters.