Why Silcotex is better than any other finishes?

* Silcotex is a “DIY” or “DO IT YOURSELF” product!

* Silcotex is quick and easy to apply!

* Silcotex is a natural, odourless material!

* Silcotex makes NO JOINTS!

* Silcotex is a very elastic material!

* Silcotex is “READY TO USE”! Just add water!

* Silcotex hides uneven, old and faded walls.

* Silcotex allows partial repair!

* Silcotex is perfect for new building, NO CRACKS!

* Silcotex is a long lasting material!

* Silcotex is antistatic, does not repels DUST & DIRT!

* Silcotex provides insulation of heat, moisture and sound!

* Silcotex is permeable (allows walls to breathe)!

* Silcotex is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colours, shades and different textures!

* Silcotex is a stainless finishing material that gives an excellent finish at a unique price!